Five Killed After Military Aircraft Crashes in Malta


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According to airport sources and witnesses, light aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff from Malta, killing at least five people.

A small-engine military aircraft, belonging to Luxembourg, has crashed due to engine trouble. The aircraft crash-landed on the road between Safi and Kirkop, right outside the MIA runway. According to a witness, the plane suddenly tipped onto its right side shortly after take-off “and went straight down into the ground”.

The plane was heading for Misrata in Libya, said officials. The plane, a twin-prop Metroliner, could have carried about 10 people. Rescuers are looking for survivors. There is no immediate news on the nationality of the victims.

The twin-prop Metroliner was initially reported to have been leased by Frontex, but a spokesman for the EU border management agency said it was not their plane.