FL Technics Will More Than Double Asian Staff

Photo: FL Technics

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Lithuania’s FL Technics is based in one region with healthy aviation growth, but the firm aims to serve the even more rapidly growing markets far to the East.

Since opening its first office in Southeast Asia in 2011, FL has added an office in Bangkok and a hangar in Indonesia. The MRO now employs 100 staff in the East and will employ 250 by the end of 2017, predicts CEO Zilvinas Lapinskas. After that, “we have expansion plans in various regions across the globe, and Asia will without a doubt always be among the priorities,” Lapinskas says.

FL operates a modern, 15,000-meter hangar at an extremely busy airport, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. “Even though we have just recently started our heavy operations in Jakarta, we already see the potential of having more than one hangar to fulfil the growing needs of Asian airlines,” Lapinskas notes.

FL put its first emphasis in Asia on consulting, training and other services. It is now focused on airframe work. Still, Lapinskas says his firm has over 20 years of MRO work developed a wide portfolio of services in great demand across Southeast Asia. “We will definitely increase our sales in other FL Technics services as well.”

The FL CEO argues his firm has competitive strengths in experience, flexibility and its European standards. “More than 20 years of experience in narrowbody airframe maintenance, expertise and a one-stop-shop business model are without a doubt advantages in clients’ eyes.” And being independent of an airlines makes FL extremely flexible in offering maintenance, component support and other services.

Source: mro-network.com