Flydubai Boeing 737 Commences Take-off Without Clearance

Photo: Jacob Pfleger

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A Flydubai Boeing 737-800, performing flight from Moscow Sheremetyevo (Russia) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates), commenced takeoff without clearance and rejected.

  • Aircraft commenced takeoff from runway 06R without take-off clearance, tower instructed the aircraft to reject takeoff, the crew complied and rejected take-off.
  • The aircraft vacated the runway about 1700 meters/5700 feet down the runway and returned to the apron.
  • The aircraft departed about 2.5 hours later and reached Dubai with a delay of 3:15 hours.
  • Russia’s Air Traffic Control Organisation reported the aircraft commenced take-off without clearance and stopped following an according instruction by tower. The crew requested to return to the apron.