FRASCA 407 FTD Receives Level 7 Qualification

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The Helicopter Flight Training Center, Shreveport, LA has recently received FAA Level 7 approval for their FRASCA built Bell 407 Flight Training Device (FTD). The FTD includes an advanced visual system capable of providing VFR, IFR and highly realistic NVG training using actual night vision goggles. The cockpit design was developed with input from the anticipated target group and features an exact replica of the aircraft cockpit. The FTD also includes a large field of view visual system (Frasca’s TruVision™ Global) with specialized databases for EMS and police training scenarios and HeliSAS autopilot control and Garmin equipment.

Frasca’s new SimAssist™ (patent pending) is also installed on the FTD. SimAssist™ is a software module developed by FRASCA to measure the pilot’s task proficiency in real-time and provide variable assistance to optimize training. At the instructor’s discretion, the system can provide active or passive assistance, record the student’s proficiency over time, and provide real-time feedback to the instructor. The level of assistance can be set to a constant level, or continuously adapt to the student’s proficiency level. This system is useful for pilots learning new tasks but can also help experienced pilots adapt more quickly to a fixed-based FTD, thus maximizing the training potential of the device. SimAssist™ allows the instructor to operate more efficiently by eliminating the need to “fly along” with a student who may have some initial trouble performing a task. SimAssist™ technology increases training efficiency by helping pilots of any experience level learn new tasks more quickly, by helping experienced pilots adapt more quickly to a fixed-base training device, by freeing instructors from the need to fly along during new maneuvers, and by providing valuable proficiency data for post-flight analysis.

“We are very excited to have the Frasca BH407 Level 7 FTD. The visuals are outstanding and the NVG capability will be a huge asset to both air medical and law enforcement training programs.The BH407 FTD is now fully certified and it is awesome. I commend Frasca on their outstanding team. We really appreciated all their hard work and dedication. They are professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.” – Stated Terry Palmer, Director of Helicopter Flight Training Center/Metro Aviation, Inc.

About Helicopter Training Center:
The Helicopter Flight Training Center in Shreveport, Louisiana is a state-of-the-art facility offering training solutions for various companies with diversified needs. The Training Center is equipped with three flight simulators. The center also includes multiple classrooms and a dedicated maintenance classroom for engine and airframe training. The courses offered at the training center were designed with the customer in mind. With the option to dry lease simulators and take part in factory maintenance training from companies such as Pratt & Whitney and Turbomeca, organizations can count on the Helicopter Flight Training Center to meet all of their training needs.

Source: Frasca press release