Fuel Truck Runs into Jazz Dash 8-300

Photo: TSB / avherald.com

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A Jazz de Havilland Dash 8-300, performing flight QK-8615 from Toronto,ON to Sudbury,ON (Canada) with 50 people on board, had flown to Subbury and had entered a hold due to weather before the crew decided to return to Toronto, where the aircraft landed safely about 2.5 hours after departure.

While taxiing to the apron a fuel truck drove into the aircraft causing substantial damage to the aircraft (believed to be beyond repair) including nose, left fuselage, the left hand propeller as well as to the fuel truck.

Fuel leaked, however, no fire broke out. 5 occupants of the aircraft including both flight crew needed medical treatment at the airport, 3 of the injured were taken to hospitals.

Passengers reported the aircraft suddenly spun around and came to stop, then the smell of fuel occurred in the cabin causing panic and a rapid evacuation. After jumping out of the aircraft a lot of fuel was seen on the tarmac.

Airport police reported the fuel truck driver has been charged with dangerous driving. The aircraft appears to be a write off.

The airport reported 3 people were taken to hospitals. The Canadian TSB dispatched investigators on site and opened an investigation.

Source: avherald.com