Gol Boeing 737 Aircraft Movement Injures Two Flight Attendants

Photo: aeroinside.com

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A Gol Linhas Aereas Boeing 737-800 performing flight from Belo Horizonte was enroute when the crew decided to turn around and return to Belo Horizonte after sudden aircraft movements had caused two flight attendants to lift off from the cabin floor and fall uncontrolled sustaining injuries.

The aircraft descended for the return and landed safely back in Belo Horizonte about 100 minutes after departure. The aircraft remained on the ground for about 8 hours, then departed again and reached Fortaleza with a delay of 10 hours.

A passenger reported the aircraft suddenly rolled sharply to the right, the crew subsequently announced they had performed an evasive maneouver to avoid another aircraft. Two flight attendants lifted off the floor in the sudden movement and fell receiving injuries.

The airline reported the aircraft encountered turbulence causing two injuries on board.

Source: avherald.com