Greenpeace Vandalized Air France 777 by Painting It Green

Photo: Getty Images

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Today, Greenpeace protesters sprayed green paint at an Air France 777 at Charles de Gaulle Airport. They bypassed the security and got onto the tarmac to paint the aircraft green while wearing vests with a written „greenwashing in progress.“

The organization believes that a substantial reduction in air traffic is needed to stop climate change. Some key points it is advocating sound as follows:

  • All airport expansion projects in France have to be stopped
  • Flights for regions with train service that takes less than six hours should be banned
  • More investment should be made into train service
  • Carbo offsetting by airlines should not free them from their environmental obligations

Greenpeace France Tweeted at French Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, asking: “So with all these elements @Djebbari_JB: when do you really start reducing air traffic, to bring the sector into line with the climate emergency?”

Djebbari reacted to the Tweet by saying: “Criminal proceedings?”

The environmental protest comes a few days before France’s government reviews a climate bill.

Source: Greenpeace