IATA: It Is the Time to Manage Turbulence

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) launched its Turbulence Aware data resource to help airlines avoid turbulence when planning routes tactically in flight.

  • Turbulence Aware augments an airline’s ability to forecast and avoid turbulence by pooling and sharing (in real time) turbulence data generated by participating airlines.
  • Today airlines rely upon pilot reports and weather advisories to mitigate the impact of turbulence on their operations.
  • Turbulence Aware improves on the industry’s capabilities by collecting data from multiple contributing airlines, followed by a rigorous quality control. Then the data is consolidated into a single, anonymized, objective source database which is accessible to participants.
  • The result is the first global, real-time, detailed and objective information for pilots and operations professionals to manage turbulence.

Source: IATA