Iberia Commissions $13 Million Solar Plant At Madrid Airport

iberia a350

Photo: shutterstock.com

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Iberia is installing solar panels on its 20,000sq m aircraft engine maintenance hangar at Madrid airport as part of its goal to reach zero net emissions by 2050.

The solar field set up on the roof of the engine shop, occupies 10,000 square meters, and generates 80 million kW hours, equivalent to 800 homes.

The facility, built in partnership with specialist firm Getting Greener, will use 5,374 solar modules to produce a peak of 2,000 KW, for a total of up to 2.7 million KW/h each year. Each panel generates up to 335 watts at peak times, with an efficiency rating of some 20%.

“The commissioning of this photovoltaic plant is the first step in a programme in which Iberia and Getting Greener are revolutionising energy efficiency at the airline’s Madrid airport hangars, workshops, and offices. Savings will quickly recover the 12-million euro cost on current energy expenditures,” Iberia shared in a company statement.

Iberia plans to continue working with Getting Greener over the next four years. It will seek to replace inefficient equipment and make other changes to help the company reduce energy costs and its carbon footprint.

Source: Iberia