Icelandair Boeing 757 Lost Engine Approaching Paris

Icelandair Boeing 757

Photo: Getty Images

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An Icelandair Boeing 757-300, registration TF-FIX, was undertaking flight FI-542 from Keflavik (Iceland) to Paris Charles de Gaulle (France) when the crew reported an emergency as one of the engines failed.

Nevertheless, the flight crew completed a safe landing on runway 27L about 10 minutes later and taxied on their power to the apron. The aircraft could not continue to operate according to its schedule, and the return flight to Keflavik was canceled.

The aircraft in question stayed on the ground for about 30.5 hours before being ferried back to Keflavik. It remained on the ground in Keflavik for 65 hours before returning to service.

The aircraft is a 19.5-year-old Boeing 757 with 203 economy seats and 22 business class seats. It’s one of two 757-300s at the airline, alongside 16 757-200s and two 757-200s.

Source: Airportia