It’s Criminal Offence for Russian Aircraft to Enter UK Airspace


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The UK has made it a criminal offense for Russian aircraft to enter British airspace as part of further sanctions against Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced via Twitter on Tuesday.

The tweet goes with an image of a Department for Transport (DfT) document signed by Shapps, which detailed the scope of the new legislation and explained it was designed to bolster sanctions placed on Russia in other sectors.

“UK air traffic control and UK airports are not to provide access to any aircraft which they have reason to believe is a Russian aircraft, being: 1. an aircraft registered in Russia, 2. an aircraft owned, operated or chartered by an individual designated in respect of the aviation sanctions under the legislation, 3. an aircraft owned, operated or chartered by persons connected with Russia,” the document read.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said, “Banning Russian flagged planes from the UK and making it a criminal offense to fly them will inflict economic pain on Russian and those close to the Kremlin.”