Jet Airways Passengers Hurt After Sharp Drop of Cabin Pressure

Photo: Aero Icarus

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A Jet Airways Boeing 737-800, performing flight from Mumbai to Jaipur (India) with 166 people on board, departed Mumbai’s runway when the passenger oxygen masks were released.

The crew stopped the climb, descended the aircraft and returned to Mumbai for a landing on runway without further incident about 40 minutes after departure. A number of passengers suffered from bleeding noses and ears and were checked by medical staff, a number of passengers were taken to a hospital.

The hospital reported 5 passengers were diagnosed with barotrauma of the ears.

India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation reported 30 passengers were affected suffering nose bleeds and/or ear bleeds. The DGCA has been instructed to file its report into the occurrence immediately. The crew has been suspended pending investigation.

The DGCA is following up on reports suspecting the crew forgot to turn on a switch needed for proper cabin pressure control.

Passengers reported there had been a very sharp drop of cabin pressure causing nose and ear bleeds, the oxygen masks were released.