Joon Airbus A340-300 Reported Smoke in the Cabin

Photo: Rudi Werelts

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An Joon Airbus A340-300 on behalf of Air France, performing flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle (France) to Mumbai (India) with 237 people on board, reported lot of smoke in the cabin.

  • Aircraft was enroute at FL350 about 40nm eastnortheast of Kuwait City (Kuwait) when the crew donned their oxygen masks and declared emergency reporting they had a lot of smoke in the cabin.
  • The crew requested runway 33R at Kuwait and full emergency services present at the runway. Kuwait Airport sent all other arrivals into holding patterns.
  • The aircraft landed on runway 33R about 16 minutes later and stopped on the runway.
  • While emergency services were examining the aircraft, the flight crew reported the smoke had dissipated, temperatures on board were okay, and they were ready to taxi.
  • The aircraft vacated the runway and taxied to the apron.