Kalitta B744 At Leipzig Dropped Gear Door On Final Approach

Photo: pprune.org

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A Kalitta Air Boeing 747-400 freighter performing freight flight from Delhi to Leipzig, was on final approach to Leipzig-Schkeuditz International Airport, when the aircraft lost a large part of its undercarriage. The flight was able to continue the approach and made a safe landing.

According to avherald.com, Kalitta Air flight was on approach at Leipzig-Schkeuditz International Airport in good weather conditions, when about one minute away from touchdown and flying on the extended centreline, the pilots suddenly initiated a circle to the right at low altitude.

Observers near Lake Rassnitz (Raßnitzer See), about 4.5nm southwest of the runway threshold, saw a larger object fallen from the Boeing 747 and landed in the lake.

Alerted by local residents, a police helicopter was dispatched to the lake and the crew spotted the missing part in the shallow waters of the lake. The part was recovered and identified as the left gear door. (dimensions: 2 x 1 meter). Nobody was injured.

flightradar24.com / jacdec.de

Source: avherald.com / jacdec.de