Lufthansa Streamlines Pilot Training Within “ReNew” Framework

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Lufthansa is streamlining and restructuring its pilot training program with a „ReNew“ framework. The program is designed based on a campus model that prospective pilots will follow.

In Wednesday’s announcement, Lufthansa Group’s COO, Dr. Detlaf Kayser, said, “During the greatest crisis in global aviation, we have to put everything at the Lufthansa Group to the test, including our long-standing training concept for our pilots. Over the past decades, this has enabled us to set the highest and globally recognized quality standards in the selection and training for our cockpit crews.“

The „campus model“ framework will provide modern, digital forms of training and involve new selection procedures.  It will be like a university program after completing which graduates will be receiving an internationally recognizable degree. After that, they will be recruited depending on the demand to different airlines of the Lufthansa Group.

Future theoretical training will take place in Bremen, Germany. The practical part will be conducted at Rostock-Laage, a recognized training facility at „RLG“ Airport, Germany.

Source: Lufthansa