Magnetic MRO Received PART 21J Design Organisation Approval


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Magnetic MRO has been approved by EASA as PART 21J Design Organisation that will allow company to design and approve minor changes and minor repairs to aircraft related to structures, installation of avionics, electrical systems and cabin interiors including galleys and other interiors equipment to small and large aeroplanes.

Under PART 21J Design Organisation Approval Magnetic MRO has the privileges to approve minor changes to type-certificate design and as well approve minor repairs, to issue information or instructions, to approve minor revisions to the aircraft flight manual and supplements.

Design Organisation Approval is a significant milestone for Magnetic MRO and complements the existing EASA Production Organization Approval Part 21G EE.21G.0001. With the addition of this new approval, Magnetic MRO is now able to develop, produce and certify all replacement parts or new products for aircraft Cabin reconfiguration and refurbishment within the company.

The benefit of shortest possible lead times and full oversight, as well as reduced time loss for design process – from aircraft survey to installation, thereby meeting customer expectations under both heavy maintenance visits as well as ad-hoc projects.

“Having a fast delivery time for cabin reconfiguration or refurbishment is a key for Magnetic MRO customers. So when producing new seat covers, curtains decals or introducing new LOPA layout the swift certification is vital element for us meeting and exceeding client objectives, even if they are made on the spot during the base maintenance visit.” said Andrius Norkevicius, Head of Engineering and Painting Services. “Our clients value Magnetic MRO ability to deliver integrated solution, like in addition to base maintenance visit to complete full aircraft painting and interior upgrade, but at the same time use cost efficient sourcing of alternative parts and in-house production – and deliver it with EASA approved Modification package.”

Vytis Petrusevicius, Head of Design Organisation also commented: “This is excellent news for Magnetic MRO, as the DOA will extend our capability and simplify the route for certification approval. Historically we have had to use external DOA’s to complete the certification process on our behalf, but having DOA status will significantly extend our capabilities, reduce timescales and streamline the process, at the same time reducing budgets needed for the new avionics equipment installations, cabin re-arrangement or new livery introduction.

Rather wide scope of the terms of Magnetic MRO approval will ensure no project under minor mod classification would be too difficult for us to achieve.”