Mexican Airline Startup Aerus Plans to Operate Regional Cessna Flights


Photo: Textron Aviation

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The Mexican airline startup Aerus acquired authorization from the respective authorities to launch industrial operations. Initially, Aerus is trying to fly within the north of the nation with a fleet of Cessna planes, changing into a regional operator.

«Our vision is to cover 100% of the national territory with domestic flights, as well as international flights by 2030 and this to do it in a sustainable way, not only in environmental issues, but that we have a positive impact on the communities where we will have presence and that the business model is viable to be able to continue offering our services,» stressed Aerus CEO Javier Herrera García.

The new airline aims to start operations in the second half of 2022. Aerus will use Monterey International Airport (MTY) as a regional hub. It looks at destinations in nearby states such as Tamaulipas, Kauaila, Veracruz and even Texas in the US.

Source: Aerus