MH17 May Have Been Downed By Ukrainian Jet, According to BBC Documentary


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Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 that crashed in eastern Ukraine in 2014 could have been downed by a Ukrainian fighter jet, a BBC documentary will claim.

The plane carrying 298 people crashed while en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, killing everyone on board. A Dutch-led inquiry concluded last year it had been blown out of the sky by a surface-to-air missile.

But the UK broadcaster’s program “Conspiracy Files: Who Shot Down MH17?” will explore the possibility that the Boeing-777 was shot down by a fighter jet.

“There are eyewitness accounts of other aircrafts seen flying next to MH17 close to impact,” BBC says on a webpage for the documentary.

The program, which will air May 3, took evidence from eye witnesses, experts and secret intelligence sources as well as studied satellite photographs, wire taps, and videos in an attempt to sort fact from fiction in many conspiracy theories involving Ukraine, Russia and CIA.