More Safety Issues with Boeing 737 Aircraft Reported

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While the global aviation community is actively seeking to resolve Boeing 737 MAX safety issues and return aircraft back to service as soon as possible, Boeing has announced about another problem, this time on the 737 slat tracks.

After the problem was detected, Boeing working with the FAA, contacted the operators of 737 aircraft with the request to inspect the slat track assemblies on certain planes. According to Boeing, these are 21 737 NGs with additional 112 planes asked to be checked.

Also, the problem was detected on several MAX aircraft, to be more precise, 20 737 MAXes, with 159 additional ones to be assessed. The manufacturer said MAX operators will be issued another service bulletin to perform checks before the aircraft return to service.

“One batch of slat tracks with specific lot numbers produced by a supplier was found to have a potential nonconformance”, planemaker said in a statement.