Myanmar Air Force B1900 Crashed Near Naypyidaw


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The propeller aircraft crashed immediately after taking off at Naypyidaw International Airport leaving all five people on board dead.

Very soon after getting airborne on runway 34 at Naypyidaw International Airport, the twin-prop Beechcraft 1900D lost height and impacted open, flat terrain approximately less than a kilometer north of the airport. The Beech 1900 disintegrated on impact, caught fire and burnt to destruction.

It is understood that all five people on board did not survivce the crash. One person was found alive, but he died later of his severe injuries.

The aircraft was operating on a military training flight to Namhsan. Eventually the flight was purposed to assist with the aftermath of a large fire there.

Local media reported the pilots experienced unspecified engine troubles at an altitude of about 500 feet leading to a possible loss of control.