Nepal Plane Crash Caused by ‘Emotionally Disturbed’ Captain?

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A leaked draft of the official investigation of the US-Bangla Airlines flight from Dhaka to the Nepali capital crash reveals that the captain of the plane suffered an “emotional breakdown”.

Conflicting reports that emerged shortly after the crash had suggested confusion between the pilot and air traffic control might have caused the accident. The report said air traffic control did confuse the two ends of the runway – referred to as ‘Runway 02’ and ‘Runway 20’ – but concluded “this had no impact on the flight”.

Therefore, on Aug 27th 2018 Nepal’s Kathmandu Post claimed to have received exclusive access to the investigation report by Nepalese accident investigation and described the report portrays the captain having acted under severe mental stresses throughout the flight and acting highly erratic throughout the flight as well as abusive towards the female first officer.

The Accident Investigation Commission constituted by the Nepali government to look into the US-Bangla Airlines plane crash has voiced serious concern and dissatisfaction over the report on findings.

The commission said the report was not finished and published officially. “Once the report is completed, it will be made public as per the provision of the government regulation and ICAO standards.”