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Mr. Vytautas Ledakas is the newly appointed CEO of BAA Training China – a modern aviation training centre planned to be equipped with six full-flight simulators (FFS) and part of a Joint Venture (JV) established in 2019 by Avia Solutions Group PLC (ASG), a global multi-service aviation holding and Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Company (HNCA). His appointment will entail the management and development of the centre‘s pilot training operations.

“I am pleased to announce that Mr. Vytautas Ledakas has been appointed as the new CEO of BAA Training China. His management experience from different industries and especially from BAA Training, including his proven leadership skills, strong commercial consumer orientation and valuable track record in training processes and business management will greatly benefit BAA Training China as the company enters into the phase of training operations and sales. Together with Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Company (HNCA), Mr. Vytautas Ledakas will drive the implementation of the franchise business model and business operations to the benefit of our customers, shareholders and employees,” said Mr. Gediminas Ziemelis, Chairman of The Board of Avia Solutions Group.

The brand new training centre is designed to provide a training capacity of 40,000 flight hours per year and train approximately 4,000 pilots. After the initial impact of the pandemic, the situation in China‘s aviation industry is becoming more and more optimistic as domestic markets in the region are gradually returning to full capacity, this coupled together with an increase in the number of aircraft deliveries. These signs reflect that the need for pilot training will remain strong for upcoming years.

BAA Training China Training Centre

The newly appointed CEO Mr. Vytautas Ledakas, will seek to accomplish the ambitious goals and KPI’s of BAA Training China. This will include the management and development of the Joint Venture Company, the implementation of the franchise business model into the daily operations of the centre, and establishing management and finance policies, purchase and sales procedures and plans to build a new business network globally. Another essential objective will be the strengthening of the partnership with the business‘ co-owner the Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Company, to ensure smooth and long-term cooperation and business development.
The new CEO of BAA Training China will commence his duties from the 1st of October, 2020.

About Mr. Vytautas Ledakas:

Mr. Vytautas Ledakas has over 20 years of experience in various industries such as the financial sector as well as business management education and for the last 5 years was the acting Type Rating Training Organization Director at BAA Training HQ, where he led significant organizational transformations, training product development and successfully managed global training partnership development projects.
“My professional role and duty is to support our partner HNCA – BAA Training franchise holder – with all the necessary know-how to utilize every opportunity, to implement all the business processes and training procedures to prepare professional pilots ready to enter the market. I am eager to work on synergies with local government, authorities, airlines and partners in order to ensure a smooth start of operations and future business growth. The strong presence of the BAA Training brand will definitely make a positive impact in the Chinese aviation training sector.“ – said Mr. Vytautas Ledakas.

About BAA Training China Training Centre:

With almost five hectares of land chosen in Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone (ZAEZ), the brand new training facility is planned to be equipped with six Boeing and Airbus family FFSs, training devices, modern classrooms, and luxury lounge zones. The modern training centre will commence operations with Boeing 737-800 pilot training as the FFS of the type is already assembled. The future FFS placements per FFS type, as well as their quantity at Zhengzhou training centre, will be closely related to market recovery speed, and specific client needs.
BAA Training China – strategically located in ZAEZ – is a 15-minute drive from Zhengzhou Airport, allowing pilots to cut down on time spent traveling for training. The well-developed infrastructure is ready to fulfill not only the technical needs of the training centre‘s establishment but also the future Avia Solutions Group and HNCA development projects.

Source: BAA Training