Nippon Cargo Grounds Planes to Sort Maintenance Record Discrepancy


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Nippon Cargo Airlines Co. is temporarily grounding all of its aircraft effective immediately after discovering inaccurate maintenance records for one of its planes, the company said.

Nippon Cargo, which has 11 jumbo aircraft and transports goods to the United States, Europe, China and Singapore, said Saturday it had suspended flights “until all maintenance records have been confirmed appropriate.”

In a statement posted on its website, the Chiba-based company said it will do its utmost “to check safety for resuming operation as quickly as possible.” It also said it expects it will take at least a week to confirm the safety of its fleet.

The discrepancy in the maintenance records came to light Thursday during an on-site inspection by the transport ministry, both the ministry and Nippon Cargo said. The records in question said the amount of lubricating oil injected into a plane’s wings was less than the actual amount.

The ministry has been conducting inspections since late May following separate aviation accidents that led to serious aircraft damage.