No A350 Or B787 Orders At The Dubai Airshow?

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Any expected order by Emirates for Airbus’ A350 or Boeing’s 787 have been put on hold, Emirates president Tim Clark told reporters at Aviation Festival in London.

Emirates had placed an order for 70 Airbus A350s that was cancelled in June 2014, but the airline’s chairman Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al Maktoum had said he was considering placing an order for either the A350 or Boeing’s 787, an announcement for which would be made by the end of the year.

Clark, however, confirmed this week that any such plans “were off the table for now.”

Clark’s announcement comes as he stresses the need for Airbus to do more with the A380.

“I know they would like us to do something,” Clark said about Airbus. “At the moment, we are not at that state of readiness. We need copper-bottomed undertakings that they would do everything they needed to do to keep the program going. We don’t want to be left with aircraft that have no value,” he was quoted to say by Bloomberg.

Emirates was rumoured to have been contemplating an order for 20 A380s valued at $8 billion according to a report earlier in the year. However, with no secondary market for the A380 having developed so far, Clark has also hinted at the possibility of renewing the 12 year leases on its existing A380s. This would allow the carrier to operate its aircraft at zero depreciation and extend the typical life of aircraft under its operation.

Emirates keeps its aircraft in operation for a life of 12-15 years, in contrast to the over 25 year industry average.