Oman Airports To Ban Bags Without Flat Surfaces


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After Dubai Airports, Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC) has become the second airport operator in the Middle East to ban bags without flat surfaces this year.

The new rule, to come into force on 1 September, is applicable to all passengers irrespective of airline, cabin class and point of origin or final destination.

“If the bag doesn’t lie flat, then passengers must consider repacking using appropriate suitcases and travel bags. Baby strollers, bicycles, wheelchairs and golf bags will still be permitted,” a senior airport official was quoted to say by the Times of Oman.

To help facilitate the transition, OAMC will provide complimentary cardboard boxes to passengers baggage of incorrect specifications.

“We have anticipated that some travellers might face difficulties with their luggage in light of the new policy. and during the first weeks of implementation, we have put plans in place to provide complementary boxes for repacking purposes.”

Bags without flat surfaces were also banned at Dubai Airports earlier this year in an attempt to minimise incidents related to jamming of the baggage belts.

Baggage policies against luggage with irregular surfaces are aimed to decrease baggage collection times, incidence of jamming, and contribute to smoother passenger experience at airports.