Onur Air Airbus A330 Landed Without Nose Gear

Photo: avherald.com

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An Onur Air Airbus A330 on behalf and in colours of Saudi Arabian Airlines was performing flight from Madinah to Dhaka when the crew decided to turn around and divert to Jeddah.

The aircraft went around from about 1000 feet MSL on first approach due to an unsafe gear indication, entered a hold for about one hour while working the checklists, performed a low approach to Jeddah and subsequently positioned for a full stop landing without nose gear.

The aircraft landed on Jeddah’s runway 34R about 4.5 hours after departure from Madinah and skidded on main gear and aircraft nose producing sparks to a halt on the runway. The aircraft was evacuated. No injuries are being reported, the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

Source: avherald.com