Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 777 Experiences Engine Failure

Photo: © Akib A Rubaiyat

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A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Boeing 777-300, performing Hajj flight from Lahore (Pakistan) to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) with 395 people on board, was accelerating for takeoff from Lahore when an engine failed prompting the crew to reject takeoff. The aircraft came to a stop with four blown of six left main tyres.

A replacement Boeing 777-200 registration AP-BGY reached Jeddah with a delay of 6.5 hours.

A number of Pakistani media claim the engine failed as result of a bird strike.

The airline reported not all passengers could be accomodated on the replacement aircraft, about 80 passengers have been rebooked onto flight the following day. A repair team was flown from Karachi to Lahore, repairs of AP-BID have begun.