First Heavy Check on Foreign-Registered VIP ExecuJet Aircraft: PEMCO


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Last week marks the redelivery of the first heavy maintenance check performed on a foreign-registered VIP aircraft by leading aviation maintenance and cargo conversion company, Pemco World Air Services (PEMCO).

The jet had an outward appearance of a typical commercial airliner, but the MD-87 aircraft’s interior was nothing but first-class from nose to tail.

With decades of heavy maintenance experience under their belt, the PEMCO team, led by Senior MRO Manager Dan Teters and Program Manager Mark Jasenak, performed a standard heavy maintenance check and assured the aircraft was in compliance with FAA and EASA airworthiness directives.

Though a “standard” heavy maintenance check was performed, there’s nothing standard about overhauling a multimillion dollar luxury aircraft.

“The fuselage featured a unique, high-end interior nothing like the commercial jets we see on a daily basis,” said Teters.

“Our broad knowledge and technical experience made this an easy project to take on successfully.”

The heavy check included engine removal for shop overhaul and reinstallation, nose gear removal for overhaul and reinstallation, and an airframe C-check.

In order to perform a proper C-check, the first-class interior, featuring bedrooms, full bathrooms, kitchens, and state-of-the-art electronics, had to be safely dissembled and removed. Once the check was completed, the interior was reinstalled in the same pristine condition as it arrived.

“The PEMCO staff, at all levels, was very friendly and accommodating to our team,” said an ExecuJet Flight Engineer and Tech Representative.

PEMCO plans to see the aircraft back in its Tampa hangar in two years for routine maintenance. The company welcomes maintenance work on non-commercial aircraft and plans to see more in the future.

CEO Pastor Lopez added, “In the last year, we’ve added new teammates with extensive airline and MRO experience. Our vast knowledge and customer service are bridging our path to become the industry leading MRO.”