PIA Boeing 777 Encounters Bird Strike

Photo: avherald.com

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A PIA Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 777-200, performing flight from Peshawar (Pakistan) to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) with about 300 people on board, encountered bird strike.

  • Aircraft was climbing out of Peshawar’s runway 35 when a bird impacted the nose of the aircraft.
  • In the absence of abnormal indications the crew continued the climb to FL380 and was enroute about 160nm southwest of Peshawar when the crew turned to divert to Karachi (Pakistan) due to a higher fuel burn than anticipated.
  • The aircraft landed safely on Karachi’s runway 25L about 70 minutes after the decision to divert.
  • The radome was found bent. It was replaced, the aircraft was able to depart again after about 130 minutes on the ground and reached Jeddah with a delay of 3.5 hours.

Source: avherald.com