Pilot Incapacitated During Jet2.com Boeing 757 Flight

Photo: Konwicki Marcin / shutterstock.com

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A Jet2.com Boeing 757-200, registration G-LSAC performing flight LS-765 from Manchester, EN (UK) to Funchal (Portugal), was enroute at FL360 about 150nm north of Porto (Portugal) when one of the two pilots felt unwell and became incapacitated.

The other pilot was forced to divert the aircraft to Porto for a safe landing on runway 17 about 26 minutes later.

Passengers reported a company pilot travelling as passenger offered to assist the pilot flying and went to the cockpit, where he stayed until the ill pilot with an oxygen mask was taken out of the cockpit on a wheelchair.

A replacement crew was flown to Porto and continued the flight to Funchal. The occurrence aircraft departed Porto after about 10:15 hours on the ground and reached Funchal with a delay of 11.5 hours.

Source: avherald.com