Pilot Instructor at BAA Training Answers Weird Questions (Part 2)

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Photo: BAA Training

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When you are a pilot and aviation has been accompanying you day-to-day since God knows when… You may find some of the questions about the pilot profession simply… Weird. It is because you are so much used to it, unlike fresh starters who still have so much to learn and discover! But Abdelrahman Mowafi, a Flight Instructor at BAA Training and First Officer at DAT, believes there are no „stupid“ questions!

Do pilots get a separate meal onboard cooked especially for them?

Yes, pilots get separate meals, and they are different from each other to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

How much are pilots paid per flight besides their fixed salary?

There are different structures of payment in various airline companies. However, the common thing is that pilots get paid per diem and per block hour. The hourly pay differs based on the type of aircraft, experience and rank.

How often do pilots fly with the same person in the flight deck?

In smaller companies, pilots repeatedly fly with those they’ve already worked with more often than in bigger ones. It is because smaller airlines have a lower number of pilots.

Where are the best seats on the airplane?

Of course, the pilots’ seats.

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Source: BAA Training