Pilots’ Strike Forces SAS to Make Bankruptcy Move

Photo: shutterstock.com

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Scandinavian airline SAS has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US because striking pilots have contributed to its existing problems. The move will allow the airline to continue operations and bring forward plans to restructure its finances.

“During the weekend, to our great surprise, we have seen that many flights are being deployed to popular and well-trafficked holiday destinations, such as Rhodes, Crete, Larnaca and Split, from where there are already alternative travel options. We find it regrettable that SAS is once again unable to comply with the agreement as intended, and SPG therefore finds itself forced to end the charter departures after the last flight today, 10 July 2022,” said SAS Pilot Group (SPG) in a statement.

No matter who is right or wrong in this dispute, the passengers suffer. SAS’ future becomes increasingly uncertain with every passing day of the pilots’ strike.

Source: SAS