Qantas Pilots Approve ‘Project Sunrise’ Pay Deal

Photo: Steve Mann /

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Setting its sights high and looking into the future even during the dark times, Qantas, the flag carrier of Australia, has reached a very important agreement with its pilots regarding the ‘Project Sunrise’. 

The so-called ‘Project Sunrise’ is Qantas’ ambitious plan to launch world’s longest non-stop passenger flights connecting Australia with New York and London.

In the second half of 2019, Qantas made several test flights to monitor and learn more about flight and cabin crew members’ as well as passengers’ mental and physical health during such long flights. In the end of the same year, the carrier decided on the type of aircraft – Airbus A350.

Now, the airline has finally reached an agreement with its pilots on the pay and conditions. 85% of long-haul pilots voted in favour of the ‘Project Sunrise’. The mutual ‘yes’ came after a period of long discussions. 

Nevertheless, the crisis created by the coronavirus has made some corrections to the project, too. Qantas was expected to place an order for the Airbus planes by the end of March, 2020. Now the deadline has been pushed back until the end of this year.  First flights, that are currently scheduled to begin by 2023, most probably, will be also delayed.

“But when this period has passed, and it will, we will refocus our attention on Project Sunrise and the A350 order”, said Chief pilot Dick Tobiano.

No turbulence lasts forever. The coronavirus as well as the crisis will end and the uncertain tomorrow will again look promising.