RafAvia Saab 340B Experiences Runway Excursion

Photo: AIBF

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A RafAvia Saab 340B, performing positioning flight from Riga (Latvia) to Savonlinna (Finland), reported runway excursion on landing.

  • Aircraft landed on Savonlinna’s runway at about 05:36L, the crew however lost directional control, the aircraft turned and slid sidewards off the runway coming to a stop with all gear in deep snow off the runway surface.
  • There were no injuries, the damage to the aircraft is being assessed.
  • Finavia, the airport operator, reported the runway had been cleared on a width of 37 meters, the runway surface was covered with dry snow of 8mm/0.3 inches, the braking action was measured to be beter than medium. Snow banks at the edges of the runway rose to about 40cm (15.7 inches).

Source: avherald.com