Ranking of Aviation Training Centres Raising the Value

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ranking of Aviation Training Centres, the project launched by a global aviation news provider Aviation Voice, is glad to be of help to people engaged with aviation.

By grabbing the attention of potential candidates for training, strengthening its reputation among business people and becoming a reliable partner for training institutions, the ranking is becoming an invaluable tool to everyone interested.

The initial list of training centres ranked was released in the beginning of 2018. Starting with the pool of approximately 150 training institutions, the ranking has grown by over 20 per cent, currently counting over 210 centres.

“The greatest strength of the Ranking of Aviation Training Centres is the raising value it creates to all the parties interested.

The most influential players of the aviation training market are providing us with data to keep their profiles accurate. Aviation lovers are reaching our team to ask for advice which centre to choose. Meanwhile airlines are comparing training organizations in search for suitable business partners”, comments Karolina Prokopovič, Aviation Voice Project Coordinator.

Recently the ranking was upgraded with an additional feature. All the articles about a particular training centre published on Aviation Voice are now accessible on the individual profile page of the institution. It means that from now on readers can save their time searching as all relevant data is stored in one place. Additionally, the mobile version of the ranking has been modified to become even more user-friendly.

Therefore, to provide a thorough and balanced ranking, Aviation Voice assesses training centres against 18 key metrics, this way covering the full range of training centres’ activity areas. Among the most important indicators with the highest influence on the rate are such as: types of programs, opportunities of cadetship, fleet capacity, network of flight training devices a training centre operates, etc.

Are you a future student who is surfing the Internet in search for the aviation training centre? Are you an airline company looking for training partners and need a comprehensive profile of a training centre for your initial consideration? Aviation Voice is here to lend a hand with Ranking of Aviation Training Centres.