Rossiya Airlines to Operate up to 250 Aircraft by 2028

Photo: Vitaly Karyakin /

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More details follow the recent Aeroflot Group’s strategy update. Rossiya Airlines, a member airline, is expected to grow its fleet up to 250 aircraft, Russian Aviation Insider reveals.

To boost travelling in Russia and make more space for Russian-made Superjet 100 and the MC-21 aircraft, the Aeroflot Group has an ambitious plan. As to Rossiya, the carrier is set to fly 250 aircraft, 235 of which would be Russian-made jets including 150 Superjet 100s and 85 MC-21s.

Currently, Rossiya operates a fleet of 62 western-made aircraft, by 2028, though, the only foreign type to be retained would be Boeing 777 (15 aircraft).