Russian Helicopter-Maker Seeks to Sell Choppers to Japan


According to Russian Helicopters press service, Moscow-based designer and manufacturer hopes to negotiate deliveries of its products to and technology exchanges with Japan.

The Moscow-based designer and manufacturer, Russian Helicopters, hopes to negotiate deliveries of its products to and technology exchanges with Japan, its press service said Monday.

“Helicopters with a coaxial rotor system are ideal for Japan’s terrain and its insular location. Aircraft developed by the Kamov Design Bureau – Ka-3211BC and Ka-226T – have successfully proven themselves in similar climates across South-East Asia,” the company’s press office told RIA Novosti.

Kamov helicopters boast coaxial rotors, which are mounted on one shaft but rotate in opposite directions, providing better maneuverability and control.

Ка-32A11BC is a multirole coax helicopter successfully employed in fire-fighting and search-and-rescue missions. It is in service in Austria, Brazil, Spain, Canada, China, Portugal, Switzerland, and South Korea.

Ka-226T is a light multipurpose helicopter based on the Ka-226. It has excellent maneuverability in cities and mountainous areas and requires little room to land.

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This week, Russian Helicopters is sponsoring a business seminar between Russia and Japan, which is underway in Tokyo on Monday and Tuesday. The event, called “Trade and Industrial Dialogue Russia – Japan” will be attended by Russian Industrial Minister Denis Manturov.