SAS Pilot Strike Called off: What is the Cost?

Photo: SAS

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The seven-day SAS pilots’ strike has been finally brought to an end. On Thursday night, 2 May, the parties managed to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Over 1,400 pilots and the airline agreed on a 3.5% pay raise for 2019.

After finished negotiations the airline confirmed the strike is over. Also, SAS reported that during almost two days of intensive mediation it was agreed to increase pilots’ salary 3.5% in 2019, 3% in 2020 and 4% in 2021.

“It is too early to provide an estimate of the financial effects, but after six days of pilot strike approximately 360,000 passengers have been affected by 4,015 canceled flights”, said the airline in a statement.

What is the Impact on SAS?

First of all, one of the major losses the airline will face – damaged reputation. Possibly, over 4,000 flights cancelled in a course of 6 days would make the flyer think twice before choosing SAS for the journey.

In terms of financial issues, the airline has not provided information regarding financial effects, yet. However, aviation experts predict that the whole strike action might cost the airline over $50 million.