SAS Reports August Traffic Increase

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SAS increased its scheduled capacity in August by 11% and the traffic grew 12%. The overall load factor increased by 0.7 p.u. to 81.2% during the month. The higher load factor was driven by improvements within SAS long haul and domestic networks.

SAS intercontinental traffic increased 26.7% and the capacity was up 25.6%. The growth was driven by the new routes to Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Boston as well as more frequencies to Shanghai and New York.

SAS Europe/Intrascandinavian routes grew by 3.2%. The growth was strong on leisure oriented routes where traffic grew by more than 10%. On domestic routes, the capacity was increased by 0.3% and the traffic was up by 5.1% following positive developments in all three Scandinavian domestic markets.

Source: SAS Press Release