Saurya Airlines Canadair CRJ-200 Experiences Bird Strike


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A Saurya Airlines Canadair CRJ-200, performing flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar (Nepal) with 48 passengers and 4 crew, was climbing out of Kathmandu when the left engine ingested a bird.

In the absence of abnormal indications the crew decided to continue the flight to destination, however, about half way into the flight the left engine began to develop vibrations. The aircraft landed safely in Biratnagar.

A post flight inspection revealed two fan blades of the left engine were damaged requiring repair.

As the second CRJ-200 of the airline is currently in maintenance, the airline needed to cancel all flights of Sep 17th 2018.

The airport reported the crew did not advise of a bird strike, however, a dead bird was found on the runway after the departure.

Nepal’s Civil Aviation Authority reported the crew was not sure about a bird strike, they had heard and felt something but couldn’t identify what it was and as there were no abnormal indications continued the flight. About midway into the flight vibrations began to develop.