Six Passengers Become Sick on Frontier Airbus A321 Flight


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A Frontier Airbus A321-200, performing flight from Cleveland to Tampa (USA), reported six passengers becoming sick.

  • Aircraft was enroute when six passengers became ill, the passengers vomitted and suffered from nausea.
  • The aircraft continued to Tampa for a safe landing. Emergency services awaited the aircraft, examined and treated the sick passengers, who could be released shortly afterwards.
  • Emergency services in Tampa reported four adults and two children became sick showing signs of nausea, the passengers vomitted. They all refused further treatment.
  • The airline reported the cause of the illnesses is under investigation.
  • Cleveland Airport reported they shut down all water fountains in the terminal area as a precaution while looking into the possibility of the water fountains being connected to the illnesses.
  • Cleveland’s Department of Health stated, that water borne illnesses usually have a longer incubation period than observed in this case. Testing of the water fountains was immediately initiated but will take 24-48 hours until results are known, interviews with all six affected passengers are being conducted.
  • The administration pointed out that more than 11,000 passengers passed through the terminal with no other passengers reporting illnesses.