Skylease Cargo Boeing 747 Overruns Runway on Landing

Photo: Andrew Vaughan /

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A Skylease Cargo Boeing 747-400, registration N908AR performing flight GG-4854 from Chicago O’Hare,IL (USA) to Halifax, NS (Canada) with 4 crew, went off the runway at the Halifax airport in eastern Canada.

  • The aircraft was unable to stop before the end of the runway, overran the end of the runway, went down a slope and through the localizer antenna and came to a stop about 200 meters past the runway end.
  • Four crew members were sent to hospital with minor injuries.
  • The aircraft received substantial damage with all gear collapsed, engines #2 and #3 separated, engines #1 and #4 damaged and creases in the fuselage skin.
  • Hours after the incident, the plane was still sitting on a slight incline far off the runway and within about 50 metres of a fence that marks the perimeter of the airport boundary.
  • The Canadian TSB have dispatched investigators on site.
  • The plane was supposed to pick up a shipment and then fly to China.
Sean Dewitt /