SmartLynx A320 Suffers Runway Excursion after Bad Touch and Go

Photo: Anna Zvereva

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A Smartlynx Estonia Airbus A320-200 was doing touch and gos when the aircraft touched down on runway 08 at 17:03L (15:03Z), accelerated again, lifted off but could not climb out touching down again very hard with sparks and flames visible and became airborne again, the transponder obviously failed upon the hard touch down.

The crew declared emergency, positioned for a landing and touched down on runway 26 when a loud bang was heard and the aircraft veered left off the runway leaving some parts behind on the runway and came to a stop at position N59.4129 E24.8526 about 830 meters/2700 feet past the runway 26 threshold. Two occupants received minor injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

The airline reported a technical problem on landing on the training flight with 7 crew (two pilots, four trainees and one inspector).

According to information The Aviation Herald received the last touch and go went wrong with the aircraft hitting the runway a second time very hard. The aircraft had the nose gear rotated by 90 degrees and sustained damage to nose gear and both engines.