Social Distancing on Board: Safran Develops Seat Innovations

Photo: Safran Seats

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Today social distancing question is one of the most burning ones, especially with regard to safety of air travel. While some consider empty “middle seat” option to be too expensive to introduce, some work on innovations to equip aircraft seats and enhance travelling comfort.

Among the companies providing such solutions is Safran. Safran Seats in cooperation with Universal Movement have developed several different variants of seat equipment to improve passengers comfort.

One option is Interspace aimed at premium economy passengers. These are two easily-deployable padded wings that fold out from the seat back.

The good thing is that “the system is retrofitable, which allows airlines to fit the Interspace technology onto a fleet without replacing existing seat units“.

Universal Movement

Apart from that, Safran Seats and Universal Movement are working on Interspace Lite option for economy cabins. This solution provides “delineation and privacy between passengers by locking out either the central or outboard seats of a row”.

Universal Movement

Also, Safran Seats provides other solutions such as Travel Safe to secure “social distancing without loss of density, touchless interactions and virus free surfaces”.