Spicejet Boeing 737 MAX 8 Engine Shuts Down in Flight

Spicejet Boeing 737-8 MAX Engine Shut Down in Flight

Photo: Chris Jilli

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A Spicejet Boeing 737-8 MAX, performing flight from Hong Kong (China) to Delhi (India) with 140 people on board, engine shut down in flight.

  • Aircraft was enroute at FL340 about 180nm east of Varanasi (India) when the left hand engine (LEAP 1B) shut down due to a restriction in the fuel flow.
  • The crew drifted the aircraft down and diverted to Varanasi for a safe landing on runway 09 about 50 minutes later.
  • A replacement Boeing 737-800 registration VT-SLI positioned to Varanasi, resumed the flight and reached Delhi with a delay of about 8.5 hours.

Source: avherald.com