Summit Air L410 Crashes Before Runway In Nepal

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A Summit Air (former Goma Air) Let L-410, registration 9N-AKY performing a freight flight from Kathmandu to Lukla (Nepal) with 3 crew, was on final approach to Lukla’s runway 06 at about 14:04L (08:19Z) when the aircraft contacted a tree short of the runway and subsequently contacted ground about 3 meters/10 feet below the runway level.

The aircraft slid down the slope before coming to a rest about 200 meters below the runway level. The captain and the first officer died as result of the accident, another crew member received injuries.

Nepali Police reported the aircraft touched branches of a tree, suffered technical problems and impacted ground about 3 meters below the runway level just before 14:00L (08:15Z).

The airport reported the aircraft collided with a tree while attempting to land in foggy conditions at 14:04L and subsequently impacted ground. It took rescuers some time to free the crew out of the damaged cockpit area, all three were taken to the Lukla Hospital alive, however, the captain died after arrival in the hospital.

© M. Limbu | Ekantipur

The following day the hospital reported the first officer succumbed to his injuries during the night. The third crew member was diagnosed with minor injuries and is stable on the way to recovery.

Goma Air rebranded into Summit Air on Mar 13th 2017.