Suspension of Boeing 777X Load Tests: Unexpected Issue

Photo: Boeing

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Boeing was forced to temporarily suspend load tests on its brand new Boeing 777X aircraft due to unexpected cargo door failure, multiple media reports reveal. Yet another incident which could possibly negatively impact program’s timeline.

The Boeing Company has confirmed the issue which occurred during static tests and required the suspension. However, the airframer did not specify the details. The first media report regarding the problem appeared on The Seattle Times.

According to the media, it was the plane’s cargo door which burst outward during a high-pressure stress test on the ground. The planemaker says that the conditions for testing were “well beyond any load expected in commercial service” and the team acted in accordance with safety protocols, reports FlightGlobal.

The aircraft which was put under the test is one of the static planes used only for ground tests. These aircraft will not be used for flying.

The team is working hard to find the reason behind the occurrence which increases risks of changes in the program’s timeline. The analysis of the recent issue might require to repeat tests once again, making the whole process longer. Against Boeing’s plans again.

Not that long ago the 777X program had suffered severe blow after General Electric announced about the problem detected while testing the new GE9X turbine engine, which powers the new aircraft.

This way, the maiden flight has been pushed back until the early 2020 most probably bringing some changes into delivery schedules. Will the recent problem push it back further?