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South African Airways Airbus A319 Experiences Tyre Damage

Reading Time: < 1 minute A SAA South African Airways Airbus A319-100, performing flight from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Lusaka (Zambia), experienced tyre damage on departure. Aircraft was in the initial climb out of Johannesburg’s runway when the crew requested to stop the climb at 8000 feet and enter a hold reporting they had a nose wheel problem, some rubber debris […]

Rossiya A319 Engine Malfunction Due to Bird Strike at Rostov

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Rossiya Airbus A319-100 performing flight from St. Petersburg to Rostov-on-Don carrying the national soccer team of Saudi Arabia, was on final approach to Rostov’s new International Platov Airport’s runway 04 when the right hand engine emitted streaks of flame.  The aircraft continued for a safe landing. Saudi Arabia’s National Football Association assured their fans […]