South African Airways Airbus A319 Experiences Tyre Damage

Photo: Yang Xiao

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A SAA South African Airways Airbus A319-100, performing flight from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Lusaka (Zambia), experienced tyre damage on departure.

Aircraft was in the initial climb out of Johannesburg’s runway when the crew requested to stop the climb at 8000 feet and enter a hold reporting they had a nose wheel problem, some rubber debris came out and the crew believed the debris had departed one of their nosewheels.

The aircraft performed a low approach to runway about 40 minutes after departure, slightly offset to the left to overfly taxiway for an inspection from the ground. Ground observers reported a left hand nose tyre had blown out, the right hand tyre was still intact.

The aircraft subsequently positioned for an approach to runway, landed safely, vacated the runway and stopped for an inspection by emergency services.