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Irkutsk’s Regional Administration Takes Control of Troubled IrAero

Reading Time: 2 minutes Under its Corporation for the Development of Irkutsk Region (CDIR) objective, the administration of the Irkutsk region, which is a south-eastern Siberia-located federal jurisdiction of Russia, has agreed to step in and take a 51 per cent controlling interest in the financially-troubled Irkutsk-based private carrier IrAero Airlines. The effort to save IrAero has also found […]

S7 Airlines Airbus A320 Descends Below Profile on Approach

Reading Time: < 1 minute S7 Airlines Airbus A320, performing flight from Novosibirsk to Irkutsk (Russia), was on approach to Irkutsk’s runway 12 cleared to descend to 600 meters (2000 feet AGL), before the aircraft intercepted the glideslope the controller cleared the flight to descend to 450 meters (1500 feet AGL), the aircraft however continued to descend below that cleared […]

Russian Navy Gets Advanced Su-30SM Fighters

Reading Time: < 1 minute Russia’s naval aviation has received a batch of advanced Su-30SM (Flanker-C) multirole fighter jets, Navy spokesman Igor Drygalo said. Su-30SM are air superiority jets of the 4++ generation that combine functions of a fighter and a bomber. They are produced in Irkutsk in southern Siberia. “The handover ceremony took place at the airfield of the […]

MS-21: A Direct Rival of the B737 and A320 from Russia

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today, the MC-21 aircraft has been rolled out for official presentation in the factory of the corporation “Irkut” in Irkutsk, Russia.  As Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said, the first serial production of the medium- and short-range passenger jet is planned for 2017. “This is a huge victory for our aviation industry and Irkut Corporation, our scientists, designers, […]